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Upcoming Social Events

Final Dinner:
Friday December 12th -- meet at the KITP at 6pm and go to a restaurant from there.

Bulbul Chakraborty (has car can take 3 more)
Karin Dahmen (has car, can take 3-4 more people)
Greg Silverstein-Huber (has car, can take 2 more people)

Tuesday, December 9th, after the talk: We will drive downtown, and have lunch at the pier.
At the very end of the pier, there is the "Santa Barbara Shellfish Company".
Delicious clams, mussels, and even lobster.
Time and date were chosen to catch the last sun before the end of the workshop.
You can park directly on the pier (probably expensive), or on one of the adjacent roads.
Or take the bus.

Kay Wiese and Pierre Le Doussal (car), will take Andrei, Stefan, ...
Andrei Fedorenko
Stefan Santucci
Luiza Angheluta

Bulbul Chakraborty (car) : WILL TAKE GUNNAR AND LUCILLA
Gunnar Pruessner (I suppose by putting my name down, I have signed up?)
Lucilla de Arcangelis

Karin Dahmen (small car, can take 3-4 others)

Osvanny Ramos (car) can take 4 others

Konrad Samwer( car) can take 3 others

Thimothée Thiery (need a car)

Social Dinners' History

This Thursday, December 4th 2014, Joe Polchinski who is a permanent member of KITP is speaking in the Corwin Pavilion (next to the UCEN), on Space-Time Versus the Quantum.
Everybody is invited to the reception at 5pm, and the talk at 6pm.

We will gather after to go to Isla Vista for an improvised dinner. What about a Korean Bi-Bim-Bap?

Thursday, Nov. 13th at 7pm: Pattaya Thai Restaurant
Gianfranco Durin
Kay Wiese
Bjorn Birnir
Greg Huber
Manuel Mai
Mark Shattuck
Corey O'Hern
Craig Maloney
Emanuela Del Gado
Lev Truskinovsky
JL Barrat
Thimothee Thierry

Thursday, Nov. 6th at 7pm: Nikka Fish Market
Craig Maloney
Joerg Rottler (could use ride)
Jim Sethna (could give ride)
Karen Daniels (will bike)
Jean-Louis Barrat (bike)
Hisao Hayakawa (bike)
Emanuela Del Gado (could give ride)
Karin Dahmen
Damien (needs ride?)
Ezequiel (bike)
Elisabeth (bike)
Fred (needs a ride)
Gianfranco (bike)

Thursday, Oct. 30th at 7pm: Hollister Brewing Company
Craig Maloney
Karen Daniels
Hisao Hayakawa
Elisabeth Agoritsas
Damien Vandembroucq
Gianfranco Durin
Emanuela Del Gado
Jean-Louis Barrat
Jim Sethna
Ezequiel Ferrero
Jorg Rottler
Matthias Sperl
Karin Dahmen
Bulbul Chakraborty
Pierre Le Doussal

Wednesday, Oct. 15th at 3-7pm: The famous KITP beach barbecue, with the traditional soccer match. Please sign up with KITP staff.
Due to this event, we skip this week's Thursday dinner.
Next week, we will have our conference with banquet.
Our regular Thursday dinners will resume Oct. 30th.

Thursday, Oct. 9th at 7pm: Ming Dynasty
Kay Wiese
Bulbul Chakraborty
Pierre Le Doussal
Markus Mueller
Karin Dahmen
Mathieu Delorme
Stefan Luding
Leo Radzihovsky

Thursday, Oct. 2nd at 7pm: La Super Rica, was changed to Los Agaves due to a power outage in Santa Barbara
Kay Wiese
Laurent Ponson
Bulbul Chakraborty
Mathieu Delorme
Mark Robbins
Sri Sastry
Karin Dahmen
Alberto Rosso
Alejandro Kolton

Thursday, Sep. 25th at 7pm: Sorisso Italiano, Isla Vista
Kay Wiese
Greg Huber
Mathieu Delorme
Bulbul Chakraborty
Karin Dahmen
Pierre Le Doussal
Sri Sastry
Leo Radzihovsky
Jen Schwarz
Matteo Palassini

Social Dinners' suggestions

BULBUL: Los Agaves, Opal Restaurant, Olio Pizzeria

Area Restaurants

Arnoldi's Cafe - Little Italian restaurant in historic stone building from 1930's with seating and bocce ball out back.

Beachside Bar & Cafe, down the hill from KITP overlooking Goleta beach.

The Boathouse - Seafood place right on Hendry's beach.

Brewhouse - Pretty much what you expect - beer and hearty food. For large groups, they require a pre-selected menu with only 4 entree choices.

Carlitos - Nice Mexican restaurant on State Street.

Edomasa - Sushi.

Olio Pizzeria - Highest rated pizza place in town, but kind of pricey (up to $20 for individual pie).

Opal - California/Fusion.

Trattoria Vittoria - Italian. Will only take large groups either early (before 5:30) or late (after 8:00).


Hiking around Santa Barbara

Hike on Channel Islands

Sunday, Nov. 9
Rides leave KITP/Goleta at 7:15am; be at Island Packers ferry station by 8:15am; Ferry leaves at 9:00am
Return from island: 3:30pm arrive Ventura Harbor 4:30pm back in SB by 5:15pm.

To reserve ferry tickets: call Island Packers at (805) 642-1393 and pay individually with credit card.
Trip: 9am ferry to Santa Cruz Scorpion Harbor return 3:30 to Ventura.
Price is $59 regular round trip fare; $54. for over 55; $41 for child 3-12.

Santa Cruz island is the largest of the nearby Channel Islands, with about 1/3 available for hiking.
With the exception of ranger station, there are no habitations on the island, and no concessions,
so bring lots of water, lunch food snacks, bathing suit and towel if you want to swim.
We'll have about 4 hours for a nice relatively easy hike. While there is no serious climbing,
ground is dusty and sometimes loose/stony, so hiking boots or sneakers are useful.

Sign up for rides Sunday morning:

Participant name (needs a ride or has a car that can carry how many people ? )

1. Greg Huber (can offer (now) one seat from downtown SB)

Local Events


The Met: Live in HD

  • The Metropolitan Opera broadcasts HD simulcasts of operas to movie theaters all over the world. The live performances are Saturday matinees in New York, so they start here at 9:55am and are shown locally at the historic Arlington Theater in downtown SB and, in a smaller venue at Hahn Hall at the Music Academy of the West in Montecito. It will be rebroadcast again at Hahn Hall at 6:00pm on Saturday and at 2:00pm on Sunday.

Jazz & Folk Music

  • SB has but one place that features jazz and folk: SOhO Restaurant & Music Club .They have decent food if you want to eat before/during a performance.

Sport Activities

  • If you are interested in swimming/running/weightlifting or playing some sports like table tennis or soccer, you may wish to join UCSB's Recreation Center. KITP visitors pay the Community rate.

Santa Barbara Theaters

R. Shankar Public Lecture: Tuesday, November 18 at 8:00PM

at the New Vic Theater (33 W. Victoria, Santa Barbara). Doors open at 7:15PM.

For more details, see:

An RSVP is needed. Please call x6363 or email