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Elisabeth Agoritsas

is a postdoc at the University Joseph-Fourier of Grenoble (France), in the group of Statistical Physics and Modelisation at the Laboratory for Interdisciplinary Physics.
Research interests: mean-field models for plasticity in amorphous materials; statistical physics of disordered elastic systems.

Jean-Louis Barrat

Professor of Physics at the university of Grenoble (Laboratory for Interdisciplinary physics and ILL theory group). Interested in liquids, glasses, polymers, soft matter, especially nonequilibrium aspects, mechanical and thermal properties.

Björn Birnir

is the Director of the Center for Complex and Nonlinear Science at UC Santa Barbara and a professor of mathematics His research interests are:Stochastic nonlinear partial differential equations and turbulence; dynamical systems theory of partial differential equations; mathematical seismology and geomorphology; nonlinear phenomena in quantum mechanical systems; complex and nonlinear models in biology and applications of the above.

Tom Chou

is a professor in Biomathematics and Mathematics at UCLA working on statistical physics, stochastic processes, and mathematical biology.

Karin Dahmen

is Professor of Physics at the University of Illinois at Urbana Champaign. Her interests include nonequilibrium dynamical systems, hysteresis, avalanches, earthquakes, population biology, neural avalanches, and disorder-induced critical behavior, see

Emanuela Del Gado

is an associate professor in the Department of Physics at Georgetown University in Washington DC, where she's a member of the Institute for Soft Matter Synthesis and Metrology. Interested in gels and glasses, microstructure formation, dynamics and non-linear mechanics of amorphous materials.

Gianfranco Durin

is researcher at the Italian Metrological Institute and senior researcher at the ISI Foundation . He works on magnetism, in particular on magnetization dynamics in disordered systems. He is currently the scientific coordinator of the Marie Curie Initial Training Network "WALL", which is studying the next generation of spintronics devices based on the control of the statics and dynamics of domain walls in nanostructures.

Ezequiel Ferrero

is a postdoc at the University Joseph Fourier (Grenoble, France), in the PSM group at the Laboratory for Interdisciplinary Physics.
His current interests are: amorphous solids, disordered elastic systems, glasses, magnetic systems.

Hisao Hayakawa

is a professor of Yukawa Institute for Theoretical Physics, Kyoto University. His interest includes nonequilibrium statistical mechanics for both quantum and classical systems, granular physics, glass transition and jamming transitions. My personal page is (not active) and group page is .

Greg Huber

is a Deputy Director of the KITP, and a biophysicist in the Department of Physics, UCSB. He is interested complex physical properties at the cellular scale. He likes cheese.

Evgeniy Khain

is a faculty member of the Department of Physics at Oakland University, Michigan. His interests lie in the interdisciplinary area of non-equilibrium statistical and nonlinear physics, from complex biological systems to driven granular media. In particular, he is investigating hydrodynamic instabilities and fluid-solid coexistence in dense flows of inelastic hard spheres. For more information visit his web page .

Alejandro B. Kolton

Charles Lieou

is a graduate student at UCSB working on the shear-transformation-zone (STZ) theory of dense granular flow, under the supervision of Jean Carlson and James Langer. He has broad interests in disordered systems and materials driven out of equilibrium. He is on the job market right now. He is also an amateur classical pianist.

James Sethna

Professor of physics at Cornell University. Crackling noise, dislocation pattern formation, statistical physics, condensed matter physics.

Kay Wiese

Directeur de Recherche at LPTENS, Paris. Developing field theories for disordered elastic systems, and avalanches.

Wendelin J. Wright

is an associate professor, jointly of Mechanical Engineering and Chemical Engineering, at Bucknell University working on mechanical behavior of metallic glasses.