The following list contains some useful contacts for getting started at the KITP and the key components of the workshop:

Avalanches, Intermittency, and Nonlinear Response in Far-From-Equilibrium Solids

List of contacts
  • Housing: Monica Curry (KITP 1108)
  • Parking, Mail and Campus related questions: Jessica Long (KITP 1103).
  • Health and Medical needs:
  • Food: across the street, and in the Campus Center, see campus map
  • Computer Facilities: see and for help email or call x7340. Printers throughout building and in terminal room 2202.
  • Car rentals etc. for example at Santa Barbara airport
  • Bus schedule etc: see online MTD Santa Barbara, get monthly passes in Transit Center in downtown Santa Barbara
  • Sports facilities: Counter of Reccen, see Campus map, pay daily/monthly/quarterly
  • Bike paths/Bike rentals: Craigs list, Kmart, Sports Authority, Varsity Bike Shop, Isla Vista Bicycle….
  • Bicycle Rentals: Isla Vista Bicycle (880 Embarcadero Del Mar, Goleta CA – 805-968-3338)
  • Social Activities and Talks & Discussions: see Workshop website/wiki.

Recommended for Participants:
  • One Talk/Discussion every day (see Wiki)
  • Please contact computer help (x7349) for cables, adapters, setup help etc before your talk (please test everything well in advance of the talk).
  • PLEASE Submit EXIT REPORT BEFORE you leave (organizers need it to report to the KITP)

Optional for Particpants:
Occasional dinners and other social activities, self organized lunch groups,
3pm cookie hour every day Monday-Friday
For more information, see wiki, Social Activities page.